Agriculture is the science and art of cultivation on soil and the rearing of livestock.


    An ancient folk dance of India performed in praise of the rain goddess.


    A traditional and incredibly fun game from Tamilnadu, India. It resembles the game of smashing a pot pinata.


    An adventure that refreshes both the body and mind.


    Students gain practical insights to industry operations in their respective areas of specialization.

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Take a break from your city life and dig deep into the heart of rural India where a land of peacefulness, farming and ancient customs still exists. You can witness the unspoilt beauty of the country and its rich culture, traditions and simple lifestyle by travelling to our village.

We want our generations to know about village heritage & culture values in a more funfilled way. People of all walks of life can come here and spend time here enjoying with their friends and families. We are extremely happy to provide such a village atmosphere where they can experience a village life for a whole day.